When it comes to luxury, custom-built homes, they should be beautiful and imposing. However, they also need to maintain the warmth and atmosphere of a home. When thinking of building your dream home from the ground up, it’s important to remember the following details.

Luxury Custom Build Homes in Calgary Make Use of Natural Light

You add aesthetic, health, and financial benefits to your home by allowing plenty of natural light. It brightens and expands your space while improving your mood and lowering energy consumption.

It’s important that you start with an open floor plan to maximize the spread of natural light. Include large windows, doors, and skylights into the design to flood your home with sunlight. And to maximize energy efficiency, you should choose triple-pane glass with the proper glazing; translucent options provide the needed privacy without obstructing the flow of light.

Include a Spacious Master Suite

The current trend in custom luxury home construction is to include a spacious master suite that can be used for multiple purposes. Meaning that your bedroom comprises more than just a bed; it might also have an en-suite and walk-in closet. You might also consider adding a fireplace for those cold winter months!

Put Effort into Your Backyard

Backyards are one of the most relaxing areas of your home, so if there are vast swathes of space, you might consider adding a pool or converting it into a beautiful garden. Not only will this lend to a luxurious appearance, but it also increases the value of your home. These three tips can help make your luxury custom-built home in Calgary look more spacious and comfortable. Natural light, spacious rooms, and a beautiful backyard provide a great sense of wellness. Cook Custom Homes has been building luxury homes in Calgary for decades. We know the top trends and ideas for every style and type of home. Give us a call today to begin planning your dream home!

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