It’s important that you find a good fit when building your luxury custom home. Looking for home builders in Calgary, Alberta can be a little intimidating, with all of the options that are out there to choose from. Here are three questions to ask home builders in Calgary when looking to vet them for building your luxury custom home.

What’s not included in my project?

You want to make sure that you’re planning for unexpected costs that can arise during and after construction. You want to be sure what’s included in the cost of your project and what’s considered an upgrade or your responsibility. These can vary but, for instance, you might want to make sure that landscaping is included or whether you’re responsible for pulling the proper permits for work done.

Does the home come with a warranty?

Warranties are important and can be both a source of confusion or frustration, depending on how they’re handled. You want to know what is and isn’t covered by the builders’ warranty and whether they follow up on warranty inquiries. Make sure that when discussing what isn’t included in your project, that you include what your home warranty covers and what it doesn’t.

Ask for references

The most important question you want to ask is for past and current references. You want to be able to check out the work and service that you’ll be receiving. That’s why you should speak with, or even look at, prior work that the home builder you’re looking at has done. Talk with prior customers about their satisfaction with the work done and service provided.

Looking for home builders in Calgary, Alberta doesn’t have to be intimidating. With these three questions, you’re well on your way to properly vetting any home builders that you might interview. Schedule a meeting with Cook Custom Homes today to get together with one of the best home builders in Calgary. Call now to book your discovery meeting!

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