Tackling home projects in Calgary during the dead of winter may not sound like the brightest idea. It isn’t easy for Custom home builders to pour concrete or excavate land for a custom home or addition during the winter. However, there’s no reason winter has to slow down your home renovation in Calgary for the interior! Here are three reasons why finally completing those inside projects is an excellent idea in winter: 


1. It’s the Off-Season, Get Home Renovation in Calgary!


Custom home builders have their plates full when the soil thaws and fair weather hits. Then, it’s time to pour foundations and frame-in houses. But winter offers a reprieve from those bigger jobs. Winter is the perfect time to: 


  • Paint — Dry winter air quickly dries paint! 
  • Replace weatherstripping and insulation — It’s easier to find drafts in colder temperatures. 
  • Renew three-season rooms — They aren’t getting much use this time of year anyway. 

2. It’s Time to Focus on Your Home’s Interior 


Home renovation companies are usually booked solid beginning in spring with significant construction and exterior work. Then, when cold weather hits, your contractor is looking for reasons to stay busy while not having to brave the brutal cold. That means interior projects are on the docket. Consider: 


  • Overhaul your kitchen with new cabinets and countertops. 
  • Replacing windows. 
  • Redoing bathrooms. 

If you overwinter annually in a more temperate region, you can leave your Canadian home in the winter as usual while renovations are done. That equates to no noise and no daily inconvenience for you or your family during the reno. 


3. Supply and Demand May Lower Material Costs 


Here’s a classic example of supply and demand: as winter hits, the demand for particular home materials slows. People aren’t building houses, so building materials and items related to renovations are discounted. For example: 


  • Kitchen cabinets go on sale in winter. 
  • In February, floor coverings are usually steeply discounted. 
  • December and January boast appliance sales.  

Maybe winter isn’t so bad; it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your home. Plus, home renovation Calgary costs may be less expensive. Don’t dread winter: get those projects done now! 


Cook Custom Homes can help you with your home projects even during the darkest days of winter. Are you ready to fully renovate your kitchen? Are you sick of popcorn ceilings or outdated light fixtures? By the spring, you could have a completely new look — and maybe for less money. Book your free home renovation in Calgary consultation today!

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