When you’re having your luxury custom home built, it’s important that you do your due diligence. You want to make sure that you’ve answered all the questions and got all the details to start planning before you build. That why you come to the expert custom home builders in Calgary, Cook Custom Homes. Here are three things to keep in mind before you start your custom home journey.

Invest in What’s Difficult to Change Down the Line
You want to design with your future in mind. Think about what you’re going to need down the line, such as additional bedrooms, a home office, or a functional laundry room on the second floor (if you’re going for a multi-story build). Remember that you want to be in this home long-term, so you want to design it with family and life expansion in mind.

Understand the Costs
The cardinal rule when it comes to custom home construction is that it always costs more than you expect. Going over budget isn’t necessarily the builders’ fault, as there can be a myriad of unforeseen problems or situations that could arise over the course of a build. And remember, as the build goes on, there’s likely going to be changes and modifications that you’ll want to make – things look very different in real life than on paper.

Know Your Timeline
One of the best ways to know your custom build timeline is to have regular meetings with your home builder to catch up on any information that you might need to know. This might include progress updates, pending deadlines, and potential issues. By meeting regularly, both you and your builder will be on the same page.

And since custom home builds often take longer than expected, it’s important to build some padding into your time estimate – the recommendation is usually 20%. That way, if a delay does occur, you can rest easy knowing that you planned for such.

Knowing what to expect when going into a custom home build is essential. That’s why the professionals at Cook Custom Builds are regarded as expert custom home builders in Calgary. Give us a call today to book your custom home consultation.

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