If you’re looking to give your bathroom a facelift in 2022, you need to know some of the top design trends for home renovation in Calgary this year. Thanks to the experts at Cook Custom Homes, we’ve got a selection of four of the leading bathroom design trends for 2022.

Natural Textures

Using natural textures in your bathroom is one of the top design trends for the year. You want to use beautiful, neutral tones that accent the pops and statement pieces that you include in your bathroom. Whether you’re using a sand-colour backsplash to highlight the beautiful wood grain of your vanity or calming neutral colours to recede into the background while your décor pops, you’ve got options.

Pops of Colour

As has been the case for a few years now, adding an exciting pop of colour to your bathroom is a great way to create a focal point and personality for the space. For instance, a beautiful teal tile floor might add visual interest, creating a touch of character and elegance that brings a spa-like atmosphere to your main bathroom.

Statement Soaker Tubs

One way to make a big statement in your bathroom is to include a stunning statement soaker tub. Make it the visual focal point of the space. Choose fixtures that complement your tub and materials that complement the area and give it a great pop of character.

Striking Colour Contrasts

If you’re looking to make a big statement in a small space, choose bright and bold colours that dramatically contrast each other. This is a great way to create a modern feel, such as using contrasting colours on the ceiling and the backsplash. Keep your other touches neutral and straightforward to create a charming, modern space.

When designing your dream bathroom, you’re well on your way to having a beautiful home renovation in Calgary with the top trends in mind. Keep it accurate to your tastes, and you’ll nail it every time. If you’re looking for help with your home renovation in Calgary, look no further than the experts at Cook Custom Homes. Call to book your consultation today!

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