The term ‘luxury’ is becoming overused in the real estate and construction industries. Listing descriptions across the country are stating homes have ‘luxury’ features that home buyers often discover lack the richness one expects to be associated with ‘luxury.’ So what exactly should a ‘luxury’ home have to qualify for this listing? Luxury home builders Calgary provides these tips for you to look for in your next home. 

Prime Location 

The most significant determinant of a property is the location. A luxury home is going to be built in a sought-after location. The area could be high up in a mountain, in the center of a major city, or along a stretch of ocean beach. It doesn’t matter what city, country, or state, a luxury home is one with a much-coveted location. 

Square Footage 

Size is another significant feature in luxury homes. The more square footage, the more luxurious home is considered. The square footage in a house means it will have more rooms. These rooms can be bedrooms, specialized amenities, or even staff quarters. The additional space also allows for more open areas and enormous master suites. 


A top-of-the-line home has to be constructed with quality materials. If the construction is not from premium, top-quality materials, it won’t matter how many square feet it is or how many rooms there are. Luxury is excellent and extravagant, so the home has to be built with nothing less than the finest. Some materials can be Italian marble, top-of-the-one stainless steel, or even a decorative granite mantlepiece.   

Design Uniqueness 

If a home is uniquely distinctive, it will be held in higher esteem. The cookie-cutter style home will not get the title of ‘luxury.’ Top-of-the-line homes come in all styles and shapes as grandeur means something different to different homeowners. 

Luxury Home Builders Calgary 

If you want a luxury home built right, call Luxury Home Builders Calgary. We are the best in the industry and have access to upscale communities on land. This is not only available but desirable for a luxury home project. 

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