When doing interior home renovations in Calgary, your living room is one of the most critical areas. In here, your guests engage in conversation and make themselves comfortable in your home. Thus, it’s essential to keep the following tips in mind when renovating to ensure your living room maintains a comforting, welcoming atmosphere!

Use Colour to Set the Mood

The colours you choose for your living room impact how your quests view and perceive the space. Depending on the intensity of the colour – along with how warm or cool it is – it can energize or relax the room.

Trim Work Adds Personality

Trim work serves a practical purpose, as it conceals seams where the floor and ceiling meet the walls while also providing structural support around openings. However, trim work also serves an aesthetic purpose. Trim work can be classical, contemporary, old-world, or regional in appearance, but can help give your home a distinct look and personality.

Set Furniture Up to Promote Conversation

Living rooms are social gathering places, so furniture placement should encourage people to converse and interact. Pull seating away from the walls and have them face each other. If you have a large living room, divide it into two separate conversational groups for a more comfortable and intimate atmosphere. You can expand the circle while maintaining a sense of intimacy by using seating that can, as needed, be pulled into a group.

Lightning Set Up for Entertaining

Lighting in a living room should help with creating a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. To ensure an even distribution of lightning, aim for layers of light—position light sources in a roughly triangular shape.

People are more likely to sit and relax if table lamps direct light downward. Therefore, you want to overlap arcs of lap and aim to illuminate seating areas, which indicates that it’s time to sit and relax. Details are everything in a home. These tips will help keep your living room inviting and comfortable for your guests, so keep them in mind when planning a home renovation. Cook Custom Homes is here to guide you along the way. We have years of experience with home renovation in Calgary, taking pride in making each home unique. Set an appointment with us today to plan your next project!

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