The kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why you need to know the top design trends for kitchen and home renovation in Calgary. Keeping up-to-date on trends can be a little daunting – what with so much information out there – but Cook Custom Homes has you covered. Here are our choices for the top four trends for kitchen designs in 2022.

Ceiling High Cabinets

For those looking to design a beautiful custom kitchen or update theirs in 2022, you’re likely looking at custom-built cabinets. It would help if you considered having your cabinets extended to the ceiling to maximize storage space. After all, you can use the high-upper shelves for items that you only use on special occasions or a seasonal basis. Additionally, consider tall cabinets with glass panels to show your collectables or finest crystal.

Built-In Coffee Machines

For those who need their coffee fix first thing in the morning, a built-in coffee machine might be high on the wish list for a home renovation. It clears up space on the counters that would otherwise be taken up with small appliances, giving the appearance and look of smooth, gleaming counters that aren’t cluttered with small appliances.

Engineered Sinks

There’s been a shift away from the traditional porcelain kitchen sink in recent years. Concrete and other engineered materials are becoming popular choices, particularly those that are non-porous and food-safe. Many engineered materials are an excellent choice in place of concrete but maintain that concrete look, being more robust and more durable than other choices.

Splashes of Colour

While the classic white kitchen is unlikely to ever go out of style, consider adding a splash of colour to your kitchen for a point of focal interest. Something like green lower cabinets can create a beautiful focal point that isn’t overwhelming but provides a chic contrast.

Keeping the above trends in mind for those looking to update or design their dream kitchen in 2022 can help create a stunning new design. For those looking for help with their home renovation in Calgary this year, look no further than Cook Custom Homes. Call now to book a consultation!

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