5 tips For your Custom Home Builders in Calgary to make your home more energy efficient 


Modern construction standards demand high energy efficiency in new homes. In general, if well designed and constructed, they can help prevent energy loss and save money on utility bills in the long run. Working with the best custom home builders in Calgary ensures that your home is built with high-quality materials, meets your specific needs, and is energy efficient. Here are some of the most popular ways of creating an energy-efficient custom home. 

Ensure your Custom Home Builders in Calgary Set Up Solar Panels. 

Solar panels are a great way to make your home energy efficient. Even if you must rely on your electricity provider for power, having solar panels to supplement your electricity usage can result in overall energy savings. 

Select Energy-Saving Windows for your Custom Home 

The use of high-performance, energy-saving windows helps to take advantage of natural light and keep extreme temperatures outside while keeping moderate temperatures inside. They tend to be expensive, but over time make you save more on energy bills. 

Consider Using Ceiling Fans In Major Rooms. 

Ceiling fans aid in the circulation of air throughout a room. They also help regulate and maintain a consistent temperature without turning on your AC which consumes more energy. They’re only a good fit in rooms with at least eight feet of ceiling height. 

Use Effective Insulation 

A properly insulated home prevents drafts, allowing your heating and cooling efforts to have the most significant impact. At the same time, it keeps outside air and moisture from entering your house. As a result, insulation helps control the temperature inside your home and allows your HVAC to function efficiently. 

Make Use of a Smart Thermostat 

With a custom home, you get cutting-edge technology and modern construction methods. In addition, it enables you to obtain the most energy-efficiency of your water heaters, heating and cooling systems, and other products.  

Selecting The Best Custom Home Builder 

These tips for building an energy-efficient custom home are simple only when covered by an experienced builder with a good reputation for delivering quality work. 

The right custom home builders in Calgary with an in-house designer can help you work through options during the design phase. This plan will further increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of your home. Then, if you are ready to take the step for your custom-built home, contact cook, custom homes, we offer a free consultation to understand your needs and help you build your dream home from the ground up. 


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