You’re ready to design and build your dream home in Calgary! It’s the culmination of years of hard work. However, a critical step for success is interviewing the right home builders in Calgary, Alberta.  

Here are six essential questions to ask potential builders to help you make the best choice! 

Are you properly licensed and insured? 

Having a builder with the proper license and insurance coverage is crucial. Ask to see insurance certifications, including builder’s liability and workman’s comp. Adequate insurance protects both you and your contractor. 

What is your experience in home building? 

Home-building requires coordinating dozens of tradespeople and subcontractors, from plumbers and drywallers to painters, electricians, flooring contractors, and more. Ask to see their portfolio and ask for references.  

How do you ensure construction quality? 

Contractors work hard to control quality. Ask if they use a contractor’s quality management program. Also, ask for and contact references about the quality of their work! 

How do you stay on budget? 

Staying on budget is crucial! Ask your contractor how they handle change orders and for specifics on what they do to stay on budget. Have a clear line of communication and a process for any budget issues. Your contractor’s profit is based on their ability to create a budget and stick to it! 

Do you provide a warranty? 

A home builder’s warranty is a must. Many new builds encounter issues within the first ten years, and a warranty protects you if something happens. Today, having a builder’s warranty is a condition for many mortgage applications when buying a new build. 

Why can I trust you? 

A legitimate builder has worked hard to build its reputation! Ask home builders in Calgary, Alberta, if they are members of trade organizations like the CCA (Canadian Construction Association) or the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA). 

Having your custom home built is exciting! However, it is a long process, so partnering with the right builder is essential. Asking home builders in Calgary, Alberta, these questions can help you narrow the field and ultimately find the best company for your project.  

If you live in Calgary, give the professionals at Cook Custom Homes a call! They have the experience and expertise you need. They work closely with their clients throughout the entire home-building process. Cook Custom Homes does everything with integrity, care, and efficiency to deliver your brand-new custom home on time and within budget! 

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