What Should Homeowners Do to Help the Renovation Process Go Faster?

Although many people collaborate in your home renovation group, including your engineer, contractor, and work crew, you are in control at the end of the day. The best contractor would be a professional who will share their knowledge and suggestions with you. However, they will still consider you as a complete collaborator and participant in […]

What’s the Difference Between Custom Homes and Semi-Custom Homes?

When you’re first starting on your home-building journey, the options might be daunting. After selecting a lot, which is a significant choice itself, you must determine how you want to design your complete custom homes.    What You’ll Know About-  Introduction   Custom Homes   Semi-Custom Homes   Which option is best for you?   You might also have a layout […]

Pretty in Pink. Better, too!

Why so… Pink? Cook Custom Homes is framing this custom luxury home using PinkShield intumescent paint, invented and manufactured locally, right here in Calgary. Products include PinkShield paint, PKLumber and PKBoard. These superior building products all have a high-tech fire retardant and mildew resistance coating that we consider essential, not just an upgrade. You can […]