There’s a lot to take into account when it comes to designing your luxury home. There’s design trends to keep track of, luxury builders in Calgary to choose from, and then the process of getting your home actually built. But we’ve got you covered. Here are the top design trends for 2022 and beyond.

Sleek and Modern Kitchens

Large, sleek, modern kitchens are currently on trend, with many featuring double islands or dual spaces. In addition, large walk-in pantries are also a popular addition. The goal is create both a chef’s kitchen for preparing food in and for a large, spacious kitchen for family dining and entertaining.

Timeless and Elegant Bathrooms

Given that our homes have increasingly become our oasis and sanctuary with the events of recent years, luxury homes are increasingly including bathrooms that allow for owners to shake off of the stress of the day and begin to recharge. These spaces are evolving into beautiful, spa-like rooms that evoke a relaxing atmosphere for luxury homeowners.

Dividing Up Space

One of the common trends of previous years was wide, open spaces. But that’s beginning to change – and quickly. Part of the reasoning behind this shift, is that the pandemic has transformed the home into a multifunctional space, where each member of the household has different needs that need to be fulfilled.

Floor plans that allow for dedicated spaces and privacy are quickly become the norm, as they’re in high demand. Closed floor plans can be added through either adding walls to existing spaces or by creating room dividers that provide nooks and give the home a cozier atmosphere.

If you’re in the market for luxury builders in Calgary, whether you’re looking to build your luxury dream home or to renovate your current home, then Cook Custom Homes should be your first choice. Give us a call today to book your consultation!

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