When you feel compelled to change your house, the first issue to consider is whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional is more cost-effective. The type and complexity of the project, the level of expertise, and the amount of time you are available to work on it all influence the response.  

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Five types of renovation you can do yourself  

Freshen up the walls  

A little elbow work & a few cans of paint can significantly impact your walls with scratches and filthy colour, an outdated colour, or fading wallpaper. Instead, choose to use a basic colour scheme that streamlines the entire house, helps space appear more significant, and attracts a wide range of potential buyers to increase the value of your home for a sale.  

Light demolition  

Although you should not strike your home’s walls with a sledgehammer or chainsaw, modest demolition, such as removing unneeded cabinets, appliances, fixtures, tile work, and mouldings, or ripping up floors or carpets, is possible on your own.  

Installing vinyl or linoleum flooring  

Installing your vinyl or linoleum flooring in a 10×10 room costs high, including all essential materials. Have someone install it for you adds more to the cost.  

Installing a kitchen backsplash  

With some time and effort, you can construct a kitchen backsplash at reasonable prices for tile, grout, and adhesive. As this is a two-day task, hiring a professional will cost additional money. As a result, the extra time you spend doing it yourself is money well spent.  

Adding a wood deck  

Materials for a 10×12 wood deck would cost very high. The project may be accomplished in two weekends with proper planning and carpentry skills.  

Hire a professional for Five types of renovation you better


Structural renovations  

Stay clear if your renovation involves modifying the property’s structure, such as dealing with load-bearing walls. You wouldn’t want to compromise the structural integrity of your home. So, you should leave this task for professionals. 

Plumbing and pipework  

Be wary of flooding and costly water damage if the repair you plan involves substantial pipe installation or replacement. Why take the risk of having to board an ark to reach the dry ground when a plumber could do the job quickly and easily?  


Another area where you should always hire a professional is asbestos removal, which is likely required by provincial laws. But, again, do not put your health or your family’s health in danger by doing this task independently.  

Gas, electricity, and plumbing  

Is your renovation going to require any substantial gas, plumbing, or electrical work? Because most of the work requires approvals, you’ll need an expert.  

Roofing or other exterior work involving heights   

It requires the use of appropriate safety equipment. If you don’t have the necessary equipment – or know how to use it – don’t risk it; employ a pro.  


When starting a new home renovation, it’s essential to think about all of your alternatives. Consider the cost of supplies, the time it will take to finish, and the degree of expertise required to perform the project correctly. When considering a DIY project, avoid becoming overconfident. Choose caution above expense if you’re dubious about your capacity to finish the work.  

If you determine that a contractor can complete the task more efficiently, acquire several estimates before making your final decision. With the information in hand, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your house and be specific with the result.  

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