Having your luxury dream home built means choosing the best luxury home builders in Calgary, but also means that you need to be up to date on the latest design trends. That’s why the experts at Cook Custom Homes have put together this list of the top luxury home design trends that you’re going to love.

Lux Amenities

When it comes to a luxury, custom-built home, part of the excitement is picking out all of the bells and whistles that you want to include. Maybe you’re a wine collector and want to add a premier wine cellar to your luxury home. Or you’re a big move enthusiast who wants a home theatre. Whatever the case may be, luxurious amenities are always on trend.

Bathrooms, in particular, look to benefit from these amenities, with steam showers, heated toilet seats, and electric bidets becoming popular in recent years. You want to feel like you’re on vacation every day when you step into your bathroom.

Stunning Design Elements

When it comes to home design, there’s plenty of options to make a statement. From sweeping, expansive single-story layouts to modular multi-purpose areas, you have choices when it comes to make a statement with your home’s layout and design. You want to add pieces and fixtures that make a statement and say something about your taste and personality. Mixed-metal fixtures, variety in textures and tones, add touches of class which can be subtle and unexpected.

Built-In Security

Security has always been a consideration when constructing your luxury home. After all, you want to feel safe and secure – whether you’re home or not. That’s why incorporating the latest trends and advanced security systems can make you feel safer. Look into options such as infrared exterior cameras can strengthen the safety and security of your home; letting you rest easier.

Smart-Home Technology

When it comes to the modern luxury home, automation is a key and common feature. In such homes you’ll find LED wall pads that control the lighting, shades, and even the temperature of the home. With voice activation, you can create a lifestyle of ease and relaxation with new voice assistants, like Alexa or Google Home.

If you’re looking for one of the top luxury home builders in Calgary, then Cook Custom Homes has you covered. We’re well-versed in all of the latest trends and can help you make the decisions that are right for you and your lifestyle. Give us a call today to book your consultation!

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