Whether you’re looking to build your custom luxury dream home or doing some home renovations, it’s important to be on top of the latest trends. That’s why the home renovation in Calgary experts at Cook Custom Homes have put together this list of the top four smart home trends in 2022.

Touchless Technology

Touchless technology is on the rise, particularly in the home and have spread pretty widely since the pandemic broke out in 2020. Touchless hand sanitizers are the most common example of this technology, but the concept has begun to expand beyond such simple applications.

For the home environment, touchless doorbells are a new innovation for guests to announce their arrival without needing to touch a common surface. But it’s also present in how many home devices are now controlled via mobile apps, so you don’t even need to interact with or touch the device itself in order to operate it.

Smart Home Thermostats

One of the most common and widespread smart home devices are smart thermostats. These are relatively easy to install and can be customized according to your temperature preferences and routines, easily allowing you to adjust your home’s environment from anywhere.

Smart thermostats are also pretty eco-friendly, in that they can allow you to easily shut-off your home’s heating and cooling systems if you’re not home. They’re budget-friendly and can help you cut down on your utility bills, making them a great investment when it comes to home renovation in Calgary.

At-Home Gym & Exercise

With the closures of many gyms and fitness centres due to the pandemic, there’s been a growing interest in the at-home gym. Smart exercise tech has been on the rise, with lots of innovations for workout enthusiasts, which include integrations to other smart wearable technologies.

Smart Tech Integration

One of the top smart home trends is how integrated smart home technology is becoming. It’s quickly becoming an expectation, rather than a luxury, and there’s an increased focus on how different home tech interacts with and connect with each other. More and more, smart hme tech is beginning to communicate, making it far easier and simpler for you to control more of your home from the comfort of your bed (and your phone)!

Hopefully, these smart home trends have helped you with your home renovation in Calgary ideas and plans. Maybe you’ve got a little spark of inspiration. Let Cook Custom Homes guide you through the home renovation process. Give us a call today!

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