Both technology and construction keep moving forwards. It’s important that your home stays on top of trends to make it smarter, cost-efficient, and family-friendly. Here are three of the top smart home integrations trending in 2022.

Appliances With Intelligence

While touch screen refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other appliances with internet connections are readily available, technologically advanced appliances remain a smart home trend. Homeowners are looking for the latest in appliance upgrades to improve the efficiency of their home and make their lives smoother. Additionally, smart appliances continue to become more convenient, learning about your preferences to make your life easier.

Technology That Saves Energy

One of the newest smart home trends to break onto the market are devices that are designed to track your home’s energy consumption, its associated costs, and carbon footprint. These devices can even tell you when it’s time to upgrade to more energy-efficient products by analyzing the appliances and equipment inside your home.

Streaming and Centralized Entertainment Devices

It’s no surprise that the future of home entertain is a centralized streaming system which costs a fraction of the cost of cable, especially with the rise of internet-based subscription services. As newer technology emerges onto the market, tablet and mobile-smartphone-based remote controls will also begin to become far more common.

Luxury custom-built homes in Calgary don’t just need to be beautiful, but smart, functional, and efficient as well – with all of the latest bells and whistles. Technology continues to move forward, and you want your home and lifestyle to match. Cook Custom Homes can help you visualize and plan the integrations of smart technology into your home during a discovery meeting. Schedule a consultation to start your journey into creating your dream home today!

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