If you’re looking to add a unique flare of character to your luxury custom home, then this list is for you. For those looking for professional, expert luxury home builders in Calgary, Cook Custom Homes is here for you. Here are their top choices for unique features in a custom luxury home.

Create a Hidden Room

One of the most loved modern home ideas by adults and kids, is a secret, hidden room. Whatever the purpose of this room you decide on – a hidden library, a bar, a playroom, or a loft – it’s sure to delight visitors and homeowners alike while adding interest and a little touch of character to any floor plan.

Include Built-In Shelving and Storage

Designing your own space gives you a lot of freedom in the design department, so you should definitely take advantage of it. By incorporating built-in shelving and storage into your design, you get the storage and organization that you’re looking for, with a streamlined and beautiful design at the exact same time. Think about what you want to include and how you plan to use the space to get the most out of your design and maximize storage.

Get Creative With Your Stairs

You can easily create a visually stunning focal point in your home by including a unique staircase design. Stairs are an incredibly versatile part of your home and there are a great many choices that you can make to them into a visually stunning showpiece while maintaining full functionality. You can even have them pull double-duty for hidden storage space!

These choices are just the top ones to create a visually stunning home that’s full of character and personality unique to you. Speak with your luxury home builders in Calgary, Cook Custom Homes, to start planning out your custom luxury home. Give us a call to book your consultation today!

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