The old phrase goes that “the devil’s in the details.” And the details matter in a luxury custom home. If you’re looking for the top trends for luxury homes in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Here are Cook Custom Homes’, top luxury builders in Calgary, top four trends for luxury homes in 2022.

Painted or Textured Ceilings

Often, ceilings are the neglected ‘fifth wall’ in a room. Generally, they’re painted white and left mostly alone. But this is passing over a unique opportunity to add personality and character to a space. By painting it a focal colour or giving it a unique texture, you can draw the eye up and create the illusion of a bigger space with a lot of character.

Playful Colour Combinations

Playful and, sometimes, unexpected colour combinations are an excellent way to spark a specific mood or conversation in a space. Using joyful colours – such as cherry or salmon – in a variety of combinations can uplift the mood and make a space more welcoming and comfortable. You want to create a beautiful space where the colour reflects your personality and the mood you want the room to evoke.

Exposed Details

Exposed Details have always been a trend, but now we’re seeing them make a strong comeback, particularly exposed utilitarian details. An exposed steel framework is a great way to add personality to a space, adding an honest appeal that evokes an industrial feel.

Unique Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Nowadays, the trend for chandeliers and pendant lights is being drawn to bright colours and interesting, different shapes. Your lighting adds personality to a space and a unique chandelier or pendant light is a great way to add a pop of colour or a conversation starter to a space.

Keeping these trends in mind when you’re designing your luxury home can help you create a space full of unique personality and character. If you’re looking for more information about the top trends for luxury homes in 2022, then give one of the top luxury builders in Calgary, Cook Custom Homes, a call today to schedule your consultation.

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