About Us

James Cook, president of Cook Custom Homes has been building custom homes for over 13 years. After completing many major renovations and home remodeling projects has decided to focus his attention on the custom home building industry focusing on customer relationships and experience. Putting my family’s name on the line whilst building daily off of the company’s core values, continually improving and going the extra mile to do things in the best possible way while honorably serving our clients is what James breaths on a day-to-day basis.




Brian Cook, brings to Calgary, Alberta over 42 years of experience as a custom home builder. Previously, he lived in the United Kingdom where he became a master of masonry and shortly after discovered his passion for luxury home building and development. Brian is now our highly skilled and experienced construction manager for Cook Custom Homes and is heavily involved with our clients throughout the building process. As a team, our passion extends to complete renovations, luxury homes including inner-city infill development and custom acreage homes. 

Brian Cook (Manager) & James Cook (President)

The father and son duo of Cook Custom Homes